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Like a modern fairy tale here was once......a small travel agency in Switzerland. It knew it had to extend the hosting of its website. But, there were just a few days left to extend or cancel the contract. It was in those days that two young IT friends from Bhutan had the idea to redesign this website. Shortly after the first encounter, it was clear that the website would be given a new face by the Web Dyno Bhutan.
It was already around two weeks later that this small travel agency had its new website. Hardly published, there was already the first feedback, such as
It looks very good
It’s very easy to navigate and simply beautiful
Generally looks very good and inviting
Web is awesome and wonderful, very nice and innovative idea…
Very nice and looks attractive
Beautiful and informative website
It’s a wonderful “gift” you gave to these Bhutanese IT friends to design your web. For them and you it’s a good image, that others can see and realize, that you decided for such web designer in the Himalayan area and not in Europe
Nice to see the new web. It’s reall ydetailed, got to learn a lot again. The gallery is furnished with wonderful photos
Page is looking great and professional
Isn’t it wonderful that something new born gets so much praise and recognition? So growing and thriving will also have a good future. Fortunately there was a true and respectful encounter.
Thanks a lot to Ugyen and Tandin, the developers and artists.

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Web-Dyno Bhutan

Web-dyno Bhutan is a design and digital product development company. We create beautiful and functional web platforms, apps and graphic designs. Web-Dyno is home to brave and team-oriented people who offer much more than just technical skills. We are based in Thimphu, Bhutan.



Some of Our Works

Android app ( FindChim )

Over thousands of Bhutanese people have hard time finding a new home. We concluded that people leaving homes to relocate to another place needed more than just a house. We plan to let them have their choice of home by using our application (free). The proprietors within the community can register and post their available house for rent. This platform will help both the proprietor and the tenant to have a better living community.

Download app from playstore

Android app ( Covid-19 Statistic )

Download app

Website / Web Application

Nepal Travels and Tours

People you meet while on the road become some the most esteemed names on your contact list. They become places on the map to visit later on. These floks give you a brief look outside your hometown, and force you to take in new and refreshing perspective and ultimately realized that everyone is equivalent. Now, point your cursor to Nepal Travels and Tours and explore the the unexplore, touch the untouched.

Contact :

Dangsar Tour ( Travel Agent)

From getting the best deals, to VIP treatment, to having someone to turn to when the unexpected occurs, Dangsar Tour is a traveler’s best resource

Phobjikha Resort ( Resort)

Phob-ji-kha located in Gangtey’s Phobjikha Valley, a vast glacial valley with fantastic views, rich biodiversity of flora & fauna and winter home to the nearly extinct black-necked crane. Hotel has achieved enormous reputation in terms of best accommodation stay, food and beverage services.

Graphic Designs

We are not afraid to build breathtaking digital arts. Businesses everywhere are moving more quickly than ever before. Our creative platform allows your brand to evolve fast and tap into new digital strategies.


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